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Can I organise a taster class before enrolling?

Yes – you can book your trial class by getting in touch with us via our CONTACT FORM.


What Syllabi do you offer?

We offer the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabi for our Classical Ballet classes. CLICK HERE to find out more about the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabi and Examinations.


We do not follow a syllabus for our Little Movers preschool classes or Contemporary Dance classes.


How Much Do Classes Cost?

Costs vary depending on the length and type of class that you attend and are at a very competitive rate.


Please see our FEES page for full details.


How often are fees paid and how?

We accept ONLINE payments via our secure booking system. We invoice 1 week prior to the start of a payment block via email and payments must be made in advance of your first class. The email contains both your invoice and payment details. We accept bank transfer payments, credit/ debit card payments and Apple and Android Pay. Late payments incur a £5.00 charge.


Where can I buy the uniform?

All our uniform is available to purchase through us. Our RAD uniform is regulatory and other brands may not match our colours and style and therefore will not be accepted for examinations. Currently we do not offer a fitting service for ballet shoes and recommend you visit a local retailer who can find the right fit of ballet shoe for your son/daughter.


Does my child have to take RAD examinations?

As a school we do encourage our pupils to take examinations as they are great markers of achievement by a recognised and highly prestigious  independent awarding body (Royal Academy of Dance). Should a pupil not wish to enter for the Examination we will respect their decision. There may be alternative options for rewarding their achievements; please contact the Principal for further information.


What’s involved in taking an exam?

From RAD Primary ballet upwards  your child will need to attend two classes per week 6 weeks before the exam to ensure full knowledge and confidence prior to taking the exam.

Apart from Pre-Primary, all other exams are entered in groups of up to four. The Exam is conducted, where possible, in the hall in which the pupil normally dances to allow for familiarity of surroundings. The teacher and parents wait outside whilst the examiner conducts the examination.


The results are processed by the awarding body (RAD) and certificates are usually awarded within two months. 


What performance opportunities are there?

As a new school we do not yet do full-length shows, however every term parents will be invited to a class sharing so that they can watch their child's progress. Over time we would like to offer lots more performance opportunities as the school grows. However, there is a strong focus on development and technique therefore examinations and technique classes take priority.

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