The Dance Collective has made important to changes to the way our dance classes can run so that we can all be safe during the COVID 19 pandemic. Please watch the video and read through the information below thoroughly before you attend your first dance class back.

We have now updated our Terms & Conditions to reflect our COVID 19 refund policy and other updates. 

You will be able to find all information about our COVID 19 policies and procedures

Please ensure that you log in to the Parent Portal on your Class4Kids profile and ensure that all contact information is correct, that we have two emergency contacts for your child/ren and that their medical history is up-to-date.

To update the portal, click HERE.




The volunteers at Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church have worked tirelessly to scrub the church rooms we hire so that they are quite literally gleaming clean. Please be rest assured that the venue is taking their cleaning duties very seriously and are in close conversations with all their hirers to ensure a smooth re-opening. In addition to that, staff members of The Dance Collective will be cleaning all touch-points regularly and consistently checking on the wash facilities to ensure high standards are maintained whilst our students are using the venue.

  • We have implemented 10-15min intervals between classes for cleaning.

  • There will be hand sanitiser stations throughout the building.

  • Sanitising upon entry and exit will be encouraged for all students/ staff.

  • Catch it, bin it, kill it.

  • Students will be encouraged to sneeze/ cough into their elbows.

  • Use of props in class will be limited. Props will NEVER be shared and always thoroughly cleaned between each use.


There are now designated drop-off and pick up points to avoid crowding/ bottle-necks and to be able to implement a one-way system through the building.


  • Drop-off will be at the main entrance near the front of the car park (usual entry point).

  • Only one parent/guardian should bring the student to the drop-off point.

  • You will be asked to queue outside, 2 metres apart.

  • You will be allocated an entry time that is 5 mins before your class start time. e.g. 10:50am for a class that starts at 10:55am.

  • Students will only be let in at their specified entry time by a member of staff.

  • Parents/ guardians of preschool children will be allowed into the venue with their child, adults must wear masks and give their permission to be recorded for track & trace or alternatively they can scan the barcode at the entrance on their NHS track and trace app. However, parents are no longer able to be in the room with their child during class. There is a designated waiting space for preschool parents which is well-ventilated and you are welcome to choose to wait outside/ in your car as an alternative if you so wish. The exception to this is our parent and toddler classes which have strict, restricted numbers.

  • All other children must enter the venue without a parent and will be taken into the care of a member of staff.

  • If a student is dropped off late for class then they will not be permitted entry. Due to our new registration process it is vital that students arrive for their designated drop-off time and no later.


  • There is a new pick-up point around the back of the car park out of a fire exit door. For the first few weeks a member of staff will be in the car park around collection time to show parents the way.

  • Again we ask that parents/ guardians queue 2m apart whilst waiting to collect their child.

  • Your pick-up time is the end time of the class. e.g class finishes at 11:35am so that is your collection time.

  • Each student will be signed out by a member of staff and returned to their parent/ guardian.

  • Late collection cannot be tolerated as we have a limit on the number of students we can have in our room at one time.

  • However, we will always keep a child safe with us if necessary and will call to make arrangements with their parent/ guardian for safe collection.


Whilst good hygiene and safety are of course important to us and steps are outlined below, we also want to ensure that our students still have the same fun, welcoming and friendly experience that they always get in our classes.


  • Classes are limited to 8 or 9 maximum students per class.

  • Coloured spots (floor markers) will be used to mark out 2m between each student.

  • Students will be encouraged to leave any coats & outdoor shoes in Room 4 on their designated chair before entering the dance space.

  • If students bring a toy with them, we do not discourage this as it may be a comfort for them, but we may ask them to leave it with their belongings in Room 4.

  • Parents/ Guardians will not be allowed in the classroom (unless it is a designated parent & toddler class).

  • There will sadly be no watching days or performances until further notice.


Uniform is very important to us and we expect students to turn up to classes neat and tidy. We do appreciate that some students may have already outgrown their ballet uniform and encourage you to pre-order your uniform asap. Whilst we would normally encourage 2nd hand uniform sales amongst parents, in this instance we are discouraging it. You may wish to privately arrange something with another parent and we will leave that to your own discretion.

  • Students must enter the venue in their outdoor shoes and then change into their dance shoes once inside. Dance shoes must be kept clean and never worn outside to help limit the spread of germs.

  • Please ensure that students are able to put on and remove outdoor shoes easily on their own without assistance. Slip-on or Velcro shoes, no laces, are encouraged.

  • Bare feet in class is no longer permitted under the current government guidelines therefore ballet shoes are essential for ballet class and for contemporary classes jazz shoes, ballet shoes or contemporary dance socks are encouraged instead of bare feet. Normal socks are not encouraged as the wooden floor can be very slippery.

  • You should order uniform directly through us to ensure it is the correct Royal Academy of Dance approved dancewear.

  • We do not sell dance shoes and would encourage you get them properly fitted at a dancewear shop (our recommendation is below) and avoid buying supermarket brands as they are the wrong material and fitting.

  • We will be encouraging all students to take their belongings home with them as we will not be keeping a lost property box until further notice.

  • Ballet cardigans or warm layers that are easy to put on/ remove will be encouraged as we have to keep some windows and doors open for ventilation purposes.

  • Trial students may wear leggings and a t-shirt for their first class, but must wear ballet shoes (ideally) or socks for their first lesson. No bare feet permitted.

OUR RECOMMENDATION (for dance shoes):
The Dancer's Room, 33 Sandford St, Lichfield WS13 6QA

We do have some sale items in stock that we will be taking orders for the start of term. There are limited sales items available.

To purchase our uniform you can also order directly through our
online shop. You will be ordering the uniform directly from the supplier and it will be delivered straight to your home for a contactless purchase.